Flow and Application Control

The Field-IQ™ crop input control system is a section control and variable rate application control system that is simple to install and use. It prevents seed and fertiliser overlap and controls the rate of seed, liquid or granular materials. The Field-IQ system runs on the EZ-Guide® 500 system.

Variable Rate Applications Control

After loading selected prescription stored on the SD card, the variable rate map will be displayed on the terminal. During the application of prescribed materials, an as covered map is displayed over the prescription map.

Note: Farm prescription software must be compatible with FODM applications.

Examples: Farm Works version 12, SGIS software, GTA Software Suite, Map Shots, Ag Leader SMS

Dickey-John IntelliAg™

Dickey-John IntelliAg - Ronin PFSDicky-John IntelliAg™ puts the future of application control in your cab, providing state-of-the-art communication between implement and tractor. This precision farming system monitors and controls with just one terminal, eliminating the need for multiple controllers.

Because IntelliAg is designed to the ISO 11783 standard, it is interchangeable with other manufacturers’ compatible equipment.

Use IntelliAg with:

  • Sprayers
  • Fertilizer spreaders
  • Anhydrous NH3
  • Planters
  • Air carts (strip till/seeding)

If you are interested in finding out more about Trimble, Farm Works, DICKEY-john or Ronin PFS and the benefits thereof, contact us or call us on +27 11 608 3666 and we will gladly be of further assistance.


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