Testing Applications
Soil Compaction Testing


Maximize your yields and work to decrease your costs with the economical, easy-touse DICKEY-john Soil Compaction Tester. This easy-to-use tool quantifies soil compaction so you can develop a targeted plan for optimum yields and cost-effective production. (Heavily compacted soil can inhibit root growth and reduce yields.)

To measure compaction in your fields, simply push the tester into the ground at various locations to determine problem areas and pressure increases and decreases.


Moisture Testing


Put the power of fast, fully automated grain testing to work for your business with GAC® Series grain analysis computers. The GAC Series delivers accurate, reliable moisture, temperature, and test weight results quickly and consistently for applications including cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, and beans. Advanced technology in GAC units makes grain testing easy - choose your grain; load the hopper, and press a button for precise analysis.




Make sure your equipment is fully functional before you get in the field with DICKEY-john’s selection of high-quality testing equipment.

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