Variable Rate Applications Control

Trimble's Application and Seeding products provide you with a complete field application solution enabling a more productive and efficient farming operation. They help you:

  1. Increase profits by avoiding double coverage and eliminating wasted inputs using automatic or manual section control.
  2. Save on input costs by using Variable Rate Application (VRA) technology to precisely plant seeds, apply chemicals and broadcast fertilizers.
  3. Utilize crop-sensing technology to reduce costs and environmental impact by controlling the application of nitrogen, herbicide and other crop inputs for optimum plant growth.
  4. Reduce the number of boxes in the cab which allows you to manage all of your guidance and application tasks via one easy-to-use display.
Dickey-John IntelliAg™

Dickey-John IntelliAg - Ronin PFSDicky-John IntelliAg™ puts the future of application control in your cab, providing state-of-the-art communication between implement and tractor. This precision farming system monitors and controls with just one terminal, eliminating the need for multiple controllers.

Because IntelliAg is designed to the ISO 11783 standard, it is interchangeable with other manufacturers’ compatible equipment.

Use IntelliAg with:

  • Sprayers
  • Fertilizer spreaders
  • Anhydrous NH3
  • Planters
  • Air carts (strip till/seeding)
FmX™ and IntelliAg™ - Planter

The IntelliAg™ planter/drill system (PDC) opens up the opportunity to use the planter for more than just an implement to put seeds in the ground. The system provides planter monitoring of seeds being placed in soil by each row unit, including counting seeds planted per acre, inches between seeds, and average population. Plus, the IntelliAg controls the amount of seeds planted per acre. In addition, it features inputs for 16 seed sensors along with auxiliary sensors such as hopper level, air pressure, and shaft RPM.

FmX™ and IntelliAg™ - Airseeder

The IntelliAg™ air cart control system allows for full utilization of a 1 to 4 bin air cart. The system monitors seed or fertilizer traveling through the air system to ensure the material is getting to the soil and not being trapped in a hose. The system uses a low-cost yet high-tech flow sensor that can detect a flow or blockage situation. A maximum of 216 delivery hoses can be monitored for this condition simultaneously. The air cart control system also includes inputs for auxiliary sensors such as hopper level, air pressure, and shaft RPM.

FmX™ and IntelliAg™ - Drilling

For cost-effective grain drill monitoring that’s backed by DICKEY-john’s legendary durability and dependability, put the DM100 in your tractor. The DM100 gives you the flexibility to monitor seed flow on up to 10 rows and up to 5 hopper level sensors with incredible performance.

For unbeatable grain drill monitoring, pair the DM100 with 1 hopper level sensor per hopper and 2 of DICKEY-john’s advanced seed sensors for each drill section. Choose our Recon Flow Sensor for precision monitoring at a reasonable price.

FmX™ and IntelliAg™ - Anhydrous NH3

The IntelliAg™ anhydrous (NH3) control system provides automatic ground speed control for the application of anhydrous ammonia only. The system is capable of up to 2 independent channels of control for better utilization of anhydrous application on large tool bars. This allows the tool bars to be split in half and vary the rate of each section while traveling through the field.

FmX™ and IntelliAg™ - Sprayer

The IntelliAg™ sprayer control system (LIQIV) is designed with features tailored specifically for self-propelled liquid sprayers. The control system can use either pressure sensor or flow meter feedback of liquid flow rate and works with a wide range of liquid servo control valves or hydraulic control valves. It includes 4 channels of liquid control and inputs for auxiliary sensors such as liquid pressure, shaft RPM, and 7 boom shutoff inputs.

FmX™ and IntelliAg™ - Spreader

Spreader monitoring and control for up to 4 channels (products), providing a complete solution for the management of granular applications.

The FieldManager Display in combination with the Application module enables the user to have precise application control by providing:

  • Control of up to 4 valves (hydraulic pulse-width modulated and servo)
  • Monitor up to 3 Hopper sensors
  • Monitor up to 3 RPM sensors
  • The choice of speed input (GPS, Radar, or ability to enter Manual Speed)
  • Advanced Mapping with ability to track spreading activities
  • VRT capabilities with the ability to control up to 4 channels (products)

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